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by J.L. Morgan


Why the Cross?

Why The Cross?
Because it is the very ending that you deserve. It is the same ending I deserve, and every other person born deserves.
How big is your God?
When one sheds the notion of an old man up in the clouds and starts to approach the Throne of God, you had better start seriously considering the size of the Almighty.
I will tell you a little secret. Your mind cannot fathom the infinity that is “The Creator of All Things”. Even if you were to take one hundred people and surmise how big they think God is, and you combined theirs with yours, your resulting number would still be nowhere near a grain of sand in comparison to how big God is.
He holds the whole world in His hands. There, that’s getting better, but you must understand He is bigger than that. The God of the Bible created not only you, and everything around you, not only the whole world, and our solar system. Even our galaxy and the entire universe, everything He created, are all nothing compared to the Almighty God.
Are you getting a better picture of just how insignificant you are when compared to the awesomeness of God? To even be a speck of dust in God’s broom closet would be much more mightier than what you are when compared with God’s Righteousness.
However, in God’s eyes you are more than mere dust. You are His special creation. Created in His image. And He desires for you to know He exists, He wants you to know that He is responsible for bringing you into existence. He wants you to know that He loves you.
He had a specific group that He revealed Himself to, He told them to live Holy, and asked that they seek Him and Honor Him by keeping His Word.
They failed, inasmuch as they were constantly distracted by the things of this world and lusted after things which were foreign to God.
He knew from the beginning that not one human could ever fulfill His law to attain perfection. His law, which was also written in stone means He can’t bend it.
He knew from the beginning that the only way for mankind to be saved was for one human to not only fulfill the law by living the perfect life, but that that life would have to be sacrificed to pay for the sin of Adam and Eve all the way back when they ate of the fruit and placed a chasm between The Holy God and humanity.
He knew that the only way this could be completed was by Himself making the sacrifice for us.
His Word said “I’ll do it”. Not only did His Word know that He would have to take on human form, He would also have to show the people that not only could He live the perfect life, but He would have to tell the people how to live it as well, and who better to show them how to Live the Word, than to come and show us Himself.
He also knew that He would have to endure the most gruesome, humiliating, horrible, grotesque death, in order to save some. He knew that not everybody would accept His sacrifice, but even for one person He would have endured because His love for Humanity is so much that we cannot even begin to fathom how big His love is.
The Word became flesh, and His name was Jesus of Nazareth. Some called Him a fake, some called Him delusional, some even claimed He did His ministry for Satan.
But yet there are some who call Him King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.
Jesus came to tell us not only about the Father’s Love, but also to tell us that we can live with Jesus and the Father for eternity.
Jesus told us about this “spiritual” world that exists somewhere else. He told us that our Father longs for us to go there to live with Him forever. All we need to do is believe what Jesus said.
So how do we believe what He said? A lot of people talk about “their” savior, some can speak of the things He did in the Bible, many can even quote the Bible and tell you they know it very well.
But the truth is this: There is a catch, but it isn’t in fine print. It’s actually big and bold up on a hill called Calvary.
Jesus made it very clear, if you want to have everlasting life, you must be born again into the “spiritual” world.
Jesus promises to everyone who asks, He will send His Holy spirit, the very Spirit that indwelled Him while He was still on earth. He says He will give you His Holy Spirit to give you assurance beyond all shadow of a doubt that you are His. The Holy Spirit will not only give you that assurance, but He will in fact be helping you rebuild the house of your life on the Solid Rock.
But in order for Him to do this He says you have to get out of the way.
You have been building your house around your shaky foundation. You build a room here and find out that another room has a sag to it. You desperately seek ways to fix your problems, psychology, pills, “self-help” books, and even your religion. You feel frantic in your day to day business. When you do get a “break” you see there is a water leak, because your foundation is You yourself, and will always be sandy ground when you build based on your own best efforts, or your own desires and wants.
The only way to save your life is to build your house (life) on the Solid Rock. The only way to build the true house is firmly planted upon the unshakable Rock. And the only way to fix your foundation is for you to get out of the way. Once Jesus is your foundation then, and only then can you start to work on the faulty situations in your house. For some it may mean the entirety of the house will need to be built from the ground up.
Others perhaps will have Jesus work on their Marriage room, which needs to be on the first floor directly tied into the foundation. Jesus may have to move this room for you, some have built their houses so high that the rooms are on the wrong floor..
Others may receive help in their Children room, because there may be a need there that needs immediate attention, or again He may need to switch it to the first floor for some of you.
For the select few, the blessing comes when Jesus, who is not only our Rock and foundation, but is also the best Carpenter for our house. He will start a major project to renovate our whole house all at once, moving rooms, and fixing our house into good and righteous order.
So how do we do this?
Just as Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice that which was most precious to him. The very miracle that God had given him was now the object he had to part with. Abraham sacrificed his willful self on that altar that day by giving God full control of everything, even his promised son. Whom God spared and gave Issac back to Abraham with a new understanding that Issac now belonged to God.
Your altar is the Cross. The very ending that you rightly deserve, but instead Christ paid the price, He asks that you do likewise and sacrifice your control of your life and give Him full control.
To be saved is to sacrifice the life you have been living and turn control of your remaining days over to Jesus and let Him have His way in your life.
Let me be quite frank here. All the celebs; the actors, musicians, the rich and famous that tell you they “sold their souls to satan”. They didn’t have to.
When you understand that every person, every single one of us was born into this world we call reality; we were born into sin. Satan, who is the Prince of this world, already has legal rights to every soul that ever was, or will be in this reality, because according to God’s own Law, there is not one of us who is, or could ever achieve righteousness on our own. By the terms of the very contract, or covenant, whatever you choose to call it, our souls are the property of the very one who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden. It’s what He wanted, to rule over this world, and He knew that in order to do this, he would have to make the current rulers fail. The current rulers (appointed as caretakers of this creation) were Adam and Eve, the very first ones created in God’s image. They questioned the character of the Almighty God, they knew what He had said of the consequences, and still rebelled.
You may think of them and want to curse them out, but honestly the story of the garden is your story. If you had been the very first created being, in that garden, for thousands of years, with that daily temptation of the fruit which looks oh so appetizing. You would have eventually caved in and eaten the fruit. Do not judge them with hindsight, for you would fail to see the message.
Christ’s sacrifice on the cross that day paid the penalty that Adam and Eve deserved, and with His blood we who are Born Again will be covered and protected on that final day when the Angel of Death comes to wipe out those who belong to Satan. We will be but passed over because the blood that covers us will redeem us.
If you understand this then you will see that what Christ was telling you was in fact; He wants you to sell your soul to Him. To God, the Creator of this world. It’s Him, God’s Word who tells you “I have fixed it, it is but for you to believe.”
He says that if you agree to the contract, He will make a new covenant with you. What are His demands? That you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Just like Jesus did.
If you accept those terms He will keep up His end of the bargain and His Holy Spirit will in fact possess you, and He will be your guide to point you to Christ, because everything the Holy Spirit does is to Glorify Christ. The very Saviour who died on Your Cross in Your place, and He is ready to offer you a life more abundant.
Just remember, the moment you are Born Again, is the moment of your spiritual birth. You are but a baby in the spiritual realm, you must learn to crawl, you must learn to eat by taking the milk. As you grow, you will learn to walk, and the only way to grow from an infant is to eat the Bread of Life, whom Jesus told us He is, which is The Word of God, we eat from the Bible to feed our spiritual lives. This is called discipleship, which is what you are if you agree to His contract: A Disciple of Jesus.


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