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by J.L. Morgan


The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle in the Bible is this: The redemption of a lost soul.


To witness a person who transitions from darkness to life is the greatest sign in our day that the Creator of the Universe is still at work today.


To see a person fundamentally and radically changed from one moment to the next.  To see their eyes come to life as they experience the witness of the Holy Spirit. 


The only thing I have to offer to another human being is this experience that cannot be described, but must be felt.  When the Holy Spirit enters into communion with you, He joins Himself with your own spirit and gives you the inner confidence, the inner assurance. That not only is He with you now, but you know it means you will be with Him, then, for eternity.


This is what I hope to spread.


But the only way to receive the greatest miracle ever is through the blood of Jesus.  To receive this miracle, you must believe that Jesus is God.  To receive this, you must acknowledge that your life has not been lived for His glory.  Your life thus far has been lived for your own Glory.  To receive this Jesus must be sovereign over your life.


Jesus paid the penalty for your sins on the cross.  Jesus’ sacrifice was an atonement for the sin of the garden.  Through that His bodily sacrifice paid the ransom for all those who would turn their lives over to Him.


It is His blood that washes us and sanctifies us.  It is His blood over us that protects us just as the blood of the lamb protected the Isrealites in Egypt.


The only way to receive this miracle is to live the rest of your life so that God is Glorified.  We were created in His image, but just like a dirty mirror, if the reflection is unrecognizable, then you must clear the mirror of your lives so that the reflection the world sees is not us, but that it would see God.


You are not God, but the world should see Him reflecting off of you.  The moon is not the sun, but the only way we see the moon is when it correctly reflects the light of the sun.


We are to be the reflection of our Creator.  


We are to be a reflection of Jesus.  


The only way to be His reflection is by having His Spirit residing in us.


Receiving the Spirit of the Creator, to invite Him to dwell in us.  


This is the greatest miracle of all time, and you can have it. 


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