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by J.L. Morgan


When we get to Heaven

When we get to heaven…


Many wonder what relationships with our friends and family will be like in the hereafter.


I think it will be a very special day when we are all united with our friends and families on day one.


When I think of what it will be like to know my mother and father in heaven, I get a slight smile, because we will all know the special bond we had while on earth.  But I will know my father as my brother now, an equal of mine, yet, there will still remain the knowledge of our past life and we will share that memory with no other soul in heaven.  Likewise my mother will become my sister, but we also will know of the special bond we shared in our time here on earth.


Also my sons and daughter will be equals with me, and no longer look at me as father, but as brother and friend.


Then I think of my wife, and I wonder, will it just be a special glance that we share with each other from time to time while embracing as siblings, and never really bringing up the marriage?


I feel for all the christians who will narrowly cross the finish line by the skin of their teeth.  Those who loved God Almighty just enough to be called sons and daughters.


I think the day they are reunited with their earthly spouse they will be able to do no better than to scream “I’m sorry, I am so sorry I treated you the way I did while on earth.  If I had really known how we would all be united as children of God.  All the times I sneered, or mumbled under my breath.  The many nights we went to bed angry, the times we gave each other the silent treatment.  Over what?  Now that we are here I realize that all of those things were so, so, small, and you deserved so much better than the treatment I gave you.  Will you forgive me?”


Their day will be a realization that their whole goal while on earth was to be more and more like Jesus.


But like I said, I think of my wife.  I know that we are not where we want to be, but by God’s Grace He is giving us strength, more and more each day, to love each other, not with our own love, but with the Love of Jesus.


Our goal is to be able to reach the finish line, and when we are reunited we will be able to give each other a high five, and say “Yes, We did it, and we couldn’t have done it on either one of our own strength.”  For God in His wisdom and foreknowledge, before the creation of the world, had already declared us to be a team, and not just any team, but a mighty awesome force for His Glory.  And we made it, with our friends and family because we cared enough for them as well.


Our day will be a grand reunion.  Our day will be spent introducing each other to everyone else.  I will want my friends and family to know this precious wonderful other soul who helped me so much while I was on earth.


So yeah, she’ll be my sister, but I will have no other sister like her in all of eternity.  Her and I will share an extra special bond between the two of us, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.


If you know the outcome before you get there, then you can work on achieving that outcome now!


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