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by J.L. Morgan


What is the Message?

The message is simple: Without the Bible, man would know nothing about the existence of the Spiritual world, we cannot see it. There are signs all around us of God’s great handy work in the creation, but there are no rocks which one can pick up, flip over, and read “Made in Heaven”.
Without this knowledge mankind would be utterly and completely at a loss. In fact over time he may come to believe in evolution, or an all powerful collective consciousness, or even conceive of Aliens.
When Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden, they effectively turned paradise into prison. The act of disobeying God caused a great chasm to be placed between man and God.
But God in His eminent wisdom knew that mankind was not alone in this prison, there were other beings, spiritual in nature that were banished to this world as well. Those beings couldn’t bring sin into the world, they had to use the humans , “God’s stewards” have for millennia coaxed and cajoled mankind into worshiping them.
But there does remain the fact that such a book exists as the Bible. The enemy cannot destroy the Word of God, so he actively tries to distract those who would read it.
It is because of this Book that we know that not only does God exist, but in fact He loves us, and wants each one of us to renounce this world and the things of it, to walk away from the distractions. He even promises that if we lay our all on the altar before Him that He will be with us as we take His journey for our lives.
There is a story of a Man named Jesus. This Man claims He was sent by the Father to our reality to let us know about the love of the Father. He says that the Father does love you, in fact so much that the Father came to Earth as the Son in order that we may have a physical example of God the Father.
It was through the Son, Jesus, who was indwelt with the Holy Spirit of God, that the Father was able to fulfill His plan of righteousness for all people, not just a few. It was His perfect body that was bruised, beaten, and pierced on the cross that paid the penalty for Adam and Eve bringing sin into the world.
It was because of Adam and Eve, closing the door and locking the prison doors, that every single person has been born into this sinful world. Every human being is born into this fallen world. Every human that is born into this world has been distracted from Christ. Everything about this world that is not made by God is a distraction.
You are born into a world where you are told “You’re on your own, hopefully you have a good village to raise you”. Some are born into a country where they are told from the very beginning about the “American Dream”. The idea that if you can dream it, you can make it happen!
That sentiment only exists when Jesus is rebuking the young ruler, or the pharisees.
Jesus’ message is simple, you must humble yourself, and acknowledge that you are a sinful being, born into a sinful world. That on your own you cannot do perpetually good. You may help someone across the street, or even give a compliment from time to time. But He tells you that when you are with yourself, that is when you must admit that even your thoughts betray you. Jesus even drives the point home by telling you that those laws in the old testament, which are impossible to keep as written. He says that even if you look at a woman lustfully you have broken the commandments. He doubled down on the impossible laws, by explaining them to the letter.
Jesus’ message is simple, there is no one who is exempt. If you want eternal life you must turn your life over to Him, and allow His Holy Spirit to take over, possess you, and guide your life.
He said this is hard to swallow. He is not asking a “small thing” of you. He is not standing there with a smile saying “Just say this little prayer”. No He is saying “I want one hundred percent control.” He does not stand there and barter with you, He has already laid His payment down on the cross. He asks that you do the same thing, lay it all down at the foot of the cross. This means everything, your worries, your sins, your heartbreak, your finances, your car, your house, your friends, yes dear reader even your family must be placed at the cross.
If you think I am joking, look to Abraham. Here is a man who faithfully followed God for years. God told him to leave his family and move to a place that He would point to. God promised him a miraculous son. God blessed Abraham. But God also required Abraham to lay the most precious gift he had. The most precious gift because it was a gift from God Himself. Abraham had to take the step of faith and place his little son on the altar and show God that he was willing to end the life of his son if God so required it.
It was in this act that Abraham not only proved his faith to God, but also showed Abraham that God had given him a son not once, but twice because Isaac was able to come down off the altar.
So we have touched on the sacrifice of Christ’s body on the cross, now let’s look to the blood. The blood of an innocent, a lamb, poured out for the covering of the many.
This is also a sign, the children of Israel were protected by the blood of the lamb during passover. The blood over their door mantles was enough to let the Angel of Death pass over their house, for they were protected, sealed by the blood.
As it will be for us someday, when the harvesters come to gather the crops, we who are covered by the blood of Christ will be passed over.
You may be thinking “Yeah I know that, I said a prayer, I go to church, I was even baptized, and I think I’m one the ones who will spend eternity with God.”
Do you have the Holy Spirit? (By the way, this is a yes or no question).
If you think you’re good enough, or that you’re doing good enough, or even “I feel Him at church, especially when we sing”, or maybe, you’re feeling like this whole Jesus thing isn’t really working. I will tell you that there is a way to know.
Romans 8:16 tells us “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God”
When you have the Holy spirit, He Himself confirms it with your soul that you have in fact been purchased, that your name is in fact written in the Lamb’s book of life.
Repent, lay your life at the cross, just like Christ laid His down. Be baptized in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And then wait expectantly for Him, because the Seal of Salvation will be the most wonderful experience of your life.


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