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by J.L. Morgan


The Face of Jesus

Oh to look upon the face of Jesus. To know that the eyes looking back at you are the very eyes of the Creator.
Imagine being the disciples, those who followed Jesus everywhere, they ate near Him, they slept near Him. They had the very embodiment of the Living God living and breathing among them.
Could you just imagine the scenes where it talks about people being near Jesus. To imagine Mary, sitting contently, at the feet of Jesus. The woman who poured perfume on His feet and washed them with her hair. Do you not understand the privilege that the woman got to do? And she could live with that moment for the rest of her life knowing she had performed such a selfless act as washing the feet of God.
But of course you do realize they didn’t know any of this. Read in the Gospels where Jesus’ disciples didn’t seem to “get it” or fully understand. John tells us plainly that his record is a recollection, and he differentiated their understanding before and after Jesus was resurrected.
So they knew a little bit, I mean enough to drop everything they were doing and follow this man. It takes a certain dedication to drop everything on a whim. They had “heard” that He was the messiah, and they had just enough faith to leave the world as they knew it and follow this hopeful messiah.
It wasn’t until after the resurrection that Jesus was able to open their eyes and they saw everything they had missed before. But the beautiful thing is, even though they didn’t fully comprehend Jesus during His ministry, they still were present and “recorded” the events and words in their minds. Jesus just needed to reveal to them what it all meant. This is exactly why we must read the Bible. It is why we must in faith do everything to the glory of Jesus.
This gets us back to the point I started with. If Jesus was standing before you, looking you in the eye, would you know that it was the Creator of the Universe that was staring back at you.
Our goal and aim should be to seek the face of Jesus. To seek the comfort one would receive when just sitting at the feet of Jesus. Even the disciples when scared in the boat wrestled Him awake to show them their doom. And Jesus calms the waters and says, with what I would think, a coy smile on his lips “you of little faith”. The Sovereign God was in the boat with them, and they didn’t even know it. But, He showed them who He was by what He said and did.
Their faith not only restored to them after the resurrection, but their very beings were filled with faith, hope, and love. To them on the day of Pentecost they were Born Again. They were so filled with the Holy Spirit, the very same Spirit of Jesus that they could do nothing but believe. Their assurance granted upon receiving the Holy Spirit that they knew nothing could stop the Good News about Jesus.
So take a moment and meditate on what it would mean for you to see the Face of Jesus.


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