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by J.L. Morgan


The Author

Imagine if you will that Stephen King writes a new novel.  Now this one is “leaps and bounds” better than anything he has ever written before.
The Hero of this story has the perfect arc.  It is the hero that everyone who reads the book can cheer for.
The Villain however raises another question.  In Stephen’s description he has elevated his antagonist beyond any level ever imagined.  In fact the description of the villain is almost too perfect.
Reader’s all across the globe are raving about this new book.  It is the one book you must read before you die.  However there are some skeptics who wonder how Stephen could get so descriptive of the villainous character.  The descriptions he gives are not only horrendous and ghastly, but strikingly realistic.
They begin to argue that the only way the character could be written as well as it was, was if he actually existed, and some dare to say that Stephen must in fact be the villain.  That Stephen is just writing true events but fictionalizing them for his story.
But others rise up to argue the character of the protagonist.  They argue that Stephen is clearly the hero because he describes him to perfection as well, and they argue the Hero wins in the end.
This is a scenario that doesn’t happen in the world today.  If an author writes a good story people assume they must have a great imagination.  Nobody bats an eye when a human writes a good story.  So why do the critics attack God?
Well let us turn and look at history.  History, as far as the Bible is concerned, is “His Story”.  God’s Story of, and to, mankind.
There is a concept that many today do not meditate on.  It is the doctrine of Providence.  The concept that God intervenes or in fact writes the story of our lives.  We know that for those who love God, all things work together for good.  Why do we know this?  Or, why do many not understand this?
The concept of Providence is that God is in fact writing the greatest story ever told.  His Word is literally bringing His story to life.  You and I are characters in the current chapter that is being written.
The Call to God is to realize it’s His Story and we are to act the part we play in His Story.  It matters not whether you agree with the author, your job is to reflect what He has written.  We are His image in His story, and sadly, most of us do not play the part of Disciple.
There were, and will be many characters in the story that play a very minor role, they are the characters that help propel the plot, but are resistant to the end and claim they alone held control of their destinies.  And God has let them play that part.  There is no character that can outwit the author, and to think so is futile.  Whether you like it or not, you have a role to play in this grand story.
There was a time where God implanted Himself into the narrative.  He actually came to life and explained to us the importance of recognizing the Author.  He revealed His Name to us (John 17).  He revealed His Word to us.  Who better to reveal the Word of God than the Word Himself.
The mystery that most humans get caught up in is “How did He do this”. When in fact God wants us to focus on the “Why He did this”.
It’s His prerogative, it’s His call, He’s the Judge.  He is the One who claims what is Right, and what is wrong.  He is the one who has Sovereignty.  He alone is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  There is no one beyond Him, the buck stops with Him.
And He wants you to know it.  In fact He wants you to accept it, and change from your ways to live the life He has written for your character in His story.  He sent you the perfect character model, His son Jesus, who revealed to us not only that God is real, but that God wants to save as many of us humans as he can so we can live in His perfect sequel.
In His newest story, God has no need for sinners and evil.  He conquered it in the first story.  The story that we are still living out.  God wants for every character in His next story to be like His son Jesus.  Like any good author, He knew before even setting pen to paper how the whole story would play out.  He knew from the beginning who would be in His second Story.  The one where He gets to write Himself actually living with us, the ones he foreknew, the ones He went to the Cross to suffer and die for.  The ones that He truly loves, and He vows to never lose one.  John tells us Jesus’ words in the 6th chapter “Do not grumble among yourselves. No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day. “
The only question that remains for you is, Are you one of the few “great characters” in the story?  Or are you one of many forgotten characters who fought till the death to live your own story?  Your own narrative, your own destiny?
The Bible is clear, those who live for themselves will have no part in the sequel.  Those who turn over their wants, desires, friends, family, and even their own life; those who lay down their very soul at the cross of Jesus, and commit to being Born Anew, as a new creation, one that is totally devoted to being the best “Great character” that they can be in God’s story.  The ones who say I want to be Like Christ, the Big Brother, I want to know The Creator.  I not only want to know He exists but in fact experience His love for me. His love which required Him to pay my penalty.  His love which He has spent tirelessly trying to convey to me, through Scripture, encounters with believers, and every day revelations of His Goodness.  He is the Shepherd who goes searching for the one lost lamb.  Oh the day when you realize you are the lamb He is searching for.  Oh the day you understood the sacrifice of Abraham, when he placed his own son of promise on the altar.  Oh the day when you finally break down all your pride and cry out to God that you are not enough and you need Him.  When you realize that Jesus’ sacrifice tore the veil that separated us from God.  Any and all walls were torn down at that moment.  God removed all the barriers to Himself.  The only thing holding you back from Him is your own walls of pride, shame, or guilt that you have built around yourself.  Satan’s biggest lie to you is that “You will be like God”.  That wall must be shattered.  You will never be “like” God.  That is the biggest deception that most in the world believe.  It’s not about you, it’s never been about you, and it will never be about you.  It’s all about God, and His love for His Creation. He accepts you the way you are, but never leaves you the way He found you.  Through the sacrifice of Jesus’ body, He has paid your debt.  Through the blood of Jesus, you will be cleansed and sanctified.  But it is only through Jesus that we can become Children of the Living God.  It is only through faith in Jesus that we can be possessed by the Holy Spirit of God.
When you place your all on the altar of the cross, you will be amazed at how much His love will pour over you from head to toe.  When the Holy Spirit in fact gives you the assurance to know that you are one of the redeemed.  When you rise from the altar expressing extreme gratitude for what the Father allows you to pick up from the altar.  To know that your life from that moment on is to be devoted to bringing Him Glory.
That is the day you realize you have been Born Again, and now you must start anew, just as a baby must be nourished before it can crawl.  Just as a baby must stumble in trying to learn to walk.  So you too must learn through humility that the process has just started, and Praise God He is with us to help us along our new journey.  And the beautiful thing is, He draws His children together so that we may encourage and edify each other.


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