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by J.L. Morgan



Are you a slave?


What does it mean to give yourself to God?  

Do you think it means you give Him your heart?  

Do you think it means you give Him your mind?


If I enter your house and ask you for a drink of water, chances are you will be giving me more than just water.  In order for you to give me a drink you also have to supply a vessel in which to hold it.


If you think you can give God your soul, but keep your body you are missing the whole point of this experiment.


If God asks you for your soul, do you not also need to give Him the vessel that carries it as well?


We are born into this world already slaves to sin.  You cannot escape its grips on your own.  This is why Jesus sets us free from sin through the cross.


But Jesus also told us that we cannot serve two masters.  Jesus not only came to set us free, but also something more.


This is the part that many miss today.  To be free from the bonds of sin means we must be bound to something else if we want to have eternal life.  If we have been rescued from the waters of sin that we were drowning in, we still need to submit to His ship.  Jesus does not pull us out of sin, only to throw us on the other side of His boat back into sin.  No, He saves us so that we may serve Him.


In order to serve Jesus, one must become a slave to Jesus.  Jesus showed us many times that His Lordship is not one of more burdens but less.  Jesus wants us to renounce our life thus far, and instead follow Him.  In order to do this you must be bound to Him with a seal.


We are taught in churches today that Jesus came to set us free, which is true, but they stop there.  Religion tries to change a man from the outside – in, telling him what he ought to do and not do.  God works from the inside out.  God works on your mind and heart first, so that the outward expresses what is already changed inwardly.


This is why so many “Christians” today are lost and questioning.  They have been brought to the brink of understanding that their lives have been lived under the very chains of sin, and they want free, but sadly they are still seeking because they don’t know what’s required of them.  They don’t know that there is another step.


Unfortunately the church itself is lost too, because it is led by men without the leading of the Holy Spirit, which causes them to shrug their shoulders and encourage you to try harder.


In order to come to an understanding, and receive the assurance of eternal life, one must comprehend the idea that the only way to be free from sin, is to become a Slave of Jesus.


To be called a “Slave of Jesus” should resound in your heart like the sweetest breeze on a warm spring day.


If the thought of calling yourself a “slave” to Jesus repulses you, then I do truly feel sorry for you.  I pray that God would sustain you one more day in the hopes that His message will pierce your heart.


Either way, I would encourage you to meditate on what the cost really is for eternal life, and if you’re willing to pay it.


When you place your body at the Cross of Jesus, He can have the whole thing, not just your mind, not just your heart.  He wants it all, all of you, and all that is precious to you, because He offers life to you if you will offer your body as a living sacrifice to His Glory.  If you cannot give Him everything, then He waits for you to come back when you can.  His call is always there, but we have to accept His terms.  It is a full submission to His Will.


Friends, I employ you to search your heart.  The truly Born Again believer knows the point at which they were saved, because from that point on the whole world has been completely different for them.  They realize that the person they were before conversion was a dead man walking.  They realize that this whole “God” thing is real.  And once you get past the initial shock that something is indeed different now, you will be drawn to other true Born Again Believers.


Nobody ever received the Holy Spirit and didn’t know it.  If you cannot say that you know what that sentence means, then I beg of you to read your Bible.  Pray for the Creator of the Universe to give you His wisdom, and then sit down and read the book of John in one sitting.  


I would say there’s time, but I cannot guarantee that for anyone, I will say that the Holy spirit is real, and if you haven’t had an experience with Him yet, if you haven’t received the assurance that you are in fact a renewed child of God, then pray!  Reach out to others who love you, and ask them to pray.


The one who wants to find God, will leave no stone unturned to find Him.  In your search you will come to realize that you were the lost lamb and God has been out searching for you this whole time.


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