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by J.L. Morgan


Made in the Image of God

Why does the moon exist?
Some will tell you it aids in the tides, some would say it aids us in our weekly cycles, and some would say it is there to illuminate the night.
These are all well and good, but these answers tell us “what” the moon does.
I am asking for its purpose, the “why” for its existence.
I posit, the moon is an imager of the sun. By day you have the sunlight to illuminate your surroundings so you can see where you are going. However at night, when it gets dark, and miserable, and when we feel as if the sun has abandoned us we then look up to see the moon.
The moon itself gives off no light. Without the sun’s light, the moon would just be a dull black blob that hindered our view of the stars behind it. If this were so, then I could accept that its purpose was primarily to affect the tides of our planet.
But it does reflect light, in fact it does it so well and its timing is so precise we can tell times and seasons based on its phase.
But I return to the concept of imaging. The moon is in fact a reminder that the sun still exists. Its very presence in our darkest times comforts us in knowing that the sun will rise again. That no matter how dark it gets, by seeing the sun’s reflection, it reminds us the true light has never ceased and will return.
Jesus often refers to Himself as light. He said He is the light of the world, a big brightly shining light, which was raised up on a cross, and who’s purpose is to expose the darkness in the world and show truth.
He said we are to be the light, in fact for those who believe in Him, He promises to live with us, and He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell inside our bodies, hand-in-hand with our Spirit.
We are not the sun, there is a real sun, Jesus came to show us that the Light does in fact exist, He told us if we have seen Him, then We have seen the Father.
Jesus is the Sun. Jesus is God, who took on human form, to live and dwell with us for a little time, to in fact show us the true Light, which is the truth.
Jesus said we are the moon, we are a dark unilluminated blob that only serves to get in the way of the stars behind us. We are hopeless, dismal, and utterly lost without a light source. And without Christ we didn’t know we were in darkness. The whole point of the Gospel is to tell you about this light, and that you can in fact start to reflect the truth and light of Jesus now, while we are still here on this planet. Jesus promises eternal life with Him and the other Born Again Christians. In order to reflect the light, we must repent of our own darkness, and put off the ways of the world.
Jesus said we are to image Him, and the only way to reflect His light is through the Power of the Holy Spirit which reflects and glorifies Jesus through us.
It’s not about us, our job is to be the imagers God created us to be back in the beginning. Jesus showed us the way, and He actually helps us to become the very imagers we can be.


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