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by J.L. Morgan


God’s Theater

Imagine if you will that one day God created a big movie theater, full of all the amenities one would like. There are bathrooms, and restaurants, maybe even a weight room in this theater, it really is a state of the art facility. Inside the theater He creates some ushers who are there to help moviegoers enjoy their experience.
Then imagine that God takes from the floor of the theater and creates His first patron of this amazing theater. He sees that this man likes the amenities of the theater very much, but He is lacking a companion who is like him, so He causes the man to go to sleep and from that man He creates another being, not exactly like the man, but enough. He uses a piece of the man, his rib, and the new creation is of itself a completely separate being. They have a common bond though, the man would always look at the woman and know that she was created from his chest, and would know that he should cherish this wonderful gift from God. The only rule the humans are given is to never touch the door because that is where the source of their light comes from, because without light they would be locked in and would stumble and die.
One day while God is outside of the theater, attending the matters in the real world an usher comes up to the woman and asks her, did God really say you cannot turn out the lights? She says that God told them not to touch the door or they would die. So the usher then tells her she could but merely close the door a little then the movie would be much more enjoyable.
When the man and woman did as the usher said they were cast into utter darkness. They thought just touching it a little might make the movie better, just like the usher said, but when they touched it it slammed shut. God saw what had been done and told them that because of them not listening the door was now hidden from them and they would be unable to leave the theater. He tells them that they will now have to wander around in the dark with one flashlight that He will give to one of their children.
From this point on all children are born inside of the theater. From here the man and woman will have to try and explain about who built the theater. How much care He had put into it to make it nice and perfect. But because of them shutting the door, it meant that all would have to make their own way in life.
With God now out of the theater, the usher starts with his master plan and starts to show a movie. The screen illuminates and sheds some small light into the theater and the people begin to crowd around the light to watch the movie.
For a few thousand years men have learned to be comfortable in the darkness, those born from the first man and woman have only ever known darkness. But one of their children did receive a flashlight, and he told only His children about it and how much they needed to take care of the flashlight, but through mishandling the flashlight, it too eventually ran out after a few thousand years. Which plummeted everyone into darkness.
But then one of the people from that family starts telling other people about this thing called light and He showed it to them, He seemed to have the ability to create light in His hand. Some of His family members remembered how their ancestors had talked about the light. He told the people about how He was sent from God and He explained to them and confirmed to them that the flashlight was real, and it was just a glimpse to prepare the rest of the theater for true light. He said that He had come into the theater to show people the light.
In fact His story gets even grander as He claims to be God himself, and He came into the theater to warn His creation that the theater would one day burn down, that in fact the theater was going into disarray under the watchful eye of the usher. The usher wanted to be like God, and he felt that if he took over he could show God that he was worthy, or at least become a god himself.
Now the God/Man says that He has actually come into the theater to lay down His life as a ransom for the door having been shut.
He told the people when He was still alive that there was more than just this theater. That in fact there was a thing called the outside where He lives in His Glorified form, and He wants us to come outside and be with Him.
The problem is, the first man and woman had not only shut the door, but that act alone caused it to never be allowed to open.
He tells the people that the Father wants His children to join Him outside, but they cannot get into the real world with their theater bodies. They have to be born again but in Spirit bodies.
He then tells the people that He has to die inside the theater so that His spirit will be released inside the theater. And all those who wish to join the Father in spirit will join their spirit with the Spirit that He would leave behind in the theater.
And that is how the people know they are going to live with their Father once they died in the theater, the Holy Spirit will confirm to them that they are indeed part of the group that would live on. That Spirit that now joins with you will help guide you through your life inside the theater. He will talk to you, and show you how to avoid the lies of the usher, and instead live a pleasing life to the Father. And by living the way the Spirit tells you it would be a sign to the other people that something was different about these guys. It is in this understanding that we live as people in the Light, and in fact we have the light inside of us, pushing and urging us daily to live a life not only pleasing to God, but a life that glorifies Him. And our job is to tell you about the Light, and the fact that that theater is the world we inhabit. To tell you that it is all true, every word in the Bible is the Word of God. That Word became flesh and His name was Jesus Christ who took on the sin of the world. When we trust in and rely on Him, we know that the lies of the theater are not our true destination. We realize that we are in fact Pilgrims, we are on a journey, and we do not reach our destination until after death or when Jesus returns.
You see friends, the theater is full, there are now, in this day, no other rows of seating we can move to in order to escape the sneers and persecutions of the other moviegoers that think we are weird and strange.


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